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The Temazcal (vapor Mayan bath), Natural Body Treatment, outdoor bath and massages with natural essences will grant you an experience unique to a timeless place of peace.

With the sole purpose of enjoying a zen moment far away from the city and the stress it brings, Los Colibríes Mayan Jungle SPA welcomes you.

Submerge yourself in a relaxed mood on an exotic environment, surrounded by hundres of trees, tropical plants and birds singing.

In the hands of our expert massage therapists you will find relaxation, harmony and wellbeing.

Enjoy nature in a completely relaxed environment


We only accept cash (Mexican pesos and US dollars)

Why should you choose Los Colibries Mayan Jungle SPA?

  • Robert O
    From the steam in a mayan temazcal to the exfoliating rub, from the outdoor bath and 1/2 hour head, kneck and shoulder massage to the hour long full body massage...just amazing. All outdoors in the jungle - listening to the sounds of nature ..a peaceful piece of paradise away from the resorts. A definite unique and relaxing experience. That you so much!
  • Dgraff72
    We visted the Los Colibries Jungle Spa during our visit to the riviera maya in December. We made arrangements with them for transportation and was pocked up by Willie at the Valentin imperial resort. We had the 2 1/2 hour treatment which was by far the most relaxing massage treatment that we have had in any country. They were very professional and the surroundings and chirping birds very relaxing. It was drizzling off and on but this did not hurt the experience as it was still extremely romantic and a highlight to our 25th anniversary trip. Would definitely recommend to anyone in the area and will also be returning on any trip that I on the area. Thanks again for the awesome day as this will be hard for any other facility to reproduce.
  • lauragAlberta
    We have been to Los Colibries previously and had been looking forward to our return. We booked two separate days and the spa experience is as beautiful as it is soothing. It's not just a massage treatment - it's an unforgettable experience. Valerie is kind and attentive. Our massage therapists are excellent and caring. We will return, and without question it is on our top of do list when returning to the Yucatan.
    Steve P


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    Los Colibries Mayan Jungle Spa


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